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We currently send out two regular emails a month, and an occasional letter or other heads-up (truly a momentous and rare occurrence). 

Our Same Same, but Different email is a glimpse into what is emerging for us. It is a curation of ideas, inspirations, connections and resources. Sometimes written by Anna, sometimes by Katrina, and sometimes by the two of us together.

In Practice highlights a core practice, principal or perspective offering a short intro to what it means, an example from our work that speaks to it, and ways to engage us in this work. We aim to make this a practical email and while there’s a bit of marketing in it, we try to keep it to a minimum.

Not sure which list fits? Try it out and see. We recognize that consent is an ongoing process. With every email we send out you have the option to unsubscribe completely or change your preferences.

We deeply value your readership and we feel supported and appreciated even by those who opt out of our regular communications. Do what works for you.

With gratitude,

Anna & Katrina


Shout out to Toi Marie Smith for modeling a consent-based approach and to Jonathan Fields, and others, for modeling how to share from your unfolding humanity.

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